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Welcome to my website. Sit down and enjoy your reading. I have tons of links not just about Aussies but about dogs in general. I'm always adding new stuff so come back often. My site is always under construction

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Click here to see pics of ICCII, my proudest pup to date !

We Ship Canada and the is a possibility (ask for details)

2 LITTERS BORN MARCH 19th 2012, 4 blue merles, 6 black tris

Pictures of Past Puppies

Brody and Otis

Hi. My name is Cyn Lajoie and welcome to my site. We are located near Cornwall Ontario. Please come back often as I will be constantly adding new info and interesting tidbits as well as informative links. My site is a work on progress. I add things all the time. Miniature Australian Shepherds (Aussies of a smaller size). Where did they come from ? Are they really a breed ? Are they registered ? Minis and Toys are a scaled down version of the Australian Shepherd (size variety, even though not accepted by AKC, CKC or ASCA). Minis can be registered with NSDR, MASCA and NAMASCUSA. They are 100% pure Australian Shepherd. When I first tripped over a website about them, I thought it was one breeder's attempt at a new breed by cross breeding to another breed BUT as I researched more, I discovered they have been around since the late 60's and they are indeed 100% pure Aussie. They were developed by breeding small standard sized Aussies back to small standard Aussies. After so many generations, and linebreeding, a scaled down version was developed and thus the Miniature Australian Shepherd came to be.

Epiphany's Canadian Ice aka Iccii

As you can tell from the title, I have a small Miniature Australian Shepherd Kennel. I have been an established Kennel since 1988 with Dalmatians. I decided to stop breeding in 1999 to focus on rescue. The breed was basically destroyed by the popularity of the two Disney Movies. Too many back yard Breeders and puppy mills started breeding them.


I've only had Mini Aussies for a little over ten years but I've learned alot about the breed. Im always surfing the net for more info as well as talking to alot of Mini owners and Breeders. I know some great Breeders out there that are more then willing to share their knowledge. Overall I find the breed to be well suited to a lot of different environments but as with any breed, they are notthe dog for everyone. I currently share my home with three blue merle girls named Lonestar's Knottii Bye Nature and Epiphany's Everyone Luvs a Slinkii , black tri male named Roth's Diamond Skipper, a black tri girl named Epiphany's Lagniappe Lokii and a red merle girl named Epiphany's Allii McMerle and my newest little blue merle male addition, Blue Bell Hollows Rip, Rorrin N Reddy to Go.

I breed quality dogs at an affordable price with great attention and care to genetics, temperament, personality and last but not least, looks. I provide information packages to every puppy buyer and offer to provide additional information on crate training, house breaking, basic obedience training, trick training. All of my pups are raised in my house with lots of love and handling from birth, are given first shots, dewormed, well socialized with children, EYE CERF and VET CERT. As well you get a 2 kg bag of dog food, box of puppy size milk bones, lease, collar and puppy's favorite toy. I'm a firm believer that the first 8 weeks of a pups life, set it for life. My pups start going for car rides at 4 weeks of age, alone and with their siblings (to prevent separation anxiety when they do to their new homes). They are exposed to kids, cats, larger dogs etc. As breeders it is our responsibility to expose our puppies to as much as possible during their brief stay with us.

 Epiphany's Captain Calhoun

I've had many satisfied puppy customers over the years with my Dalmatians and I have the same Code of Ethics with the Mini Aussies. All of my pups are "fully" guaranteed for two years, sold with Eye Cerf's done, Current on Vaccinations, wormings, full puppy packet which includes training information, curiosity questions, housetraining, crate training, 5 generation pedigree, copy of parents Registration Papers etc. All of our dogs are treated to a daily run on the farm and in the summer a nice cool dip in the pond that was dug especially for the dogs. I encourage puppy buyers to keep in touch over the years. It's nice to see how your pups turn out physically and mentally. If any issue crop up, please feel free to call. My parting words to my puppy buyers are "buy a dog from me, and you're stuck with me for the life of the dog....."


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